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$133,080 in prizes

Moonshot Prize: 4 x Segway - G30Max Electric Kick Scooter

The craziest, most out-of-this-world project.

Most Technically Complex Hack: 4 x Mac Minis

The project built using the most technical skills.

Most Creative Hack: 4 x Sonos Roam

The project with the most innovative idea and deployment.

Best Hardware Hack: 4 x Monoprice Maker Select 3D Printer v2

Best hack that incorporates hardware.

Most Impactful Hack: 4 x Apple TV Wi-Fi + Ethernet (128 GB)

The largest social impact project.

Best Beginner Hack: 4 x Audio Technica MX50 Headphones

best hack made by a majority-beginner team. Beginners are hackers for whom TreeHacks is their first hackathon.

Healthcare GrandPrize: 4 x Apple Watch SE

Best healthcare project

Sustainability Grand Prize: 4 x Apeman M4 DLP Projector 1080P

Best sustainability project.

New Frontiers Grand Prize: 4 x Quest 2

Best project incorporating cutting edge tech.

Web 3.0 & Fintech Grand Prize: 4 x Airline Gift Card for Crypto Conference

Best Web 3.0 project.

Education Grand Prize: 4 x Nintendo Switch

Best education project.

Privacy & Safety Grand Prize: 4 x Mark VII + AC Tactical WiFi Pineapples

Best Privacy & Safety project.

Overall Leaderboard Winner: TreeHacks Engraved Airpods 3rd Gen

Most points tallied in leaderboard system.

Best Use of Estuary: 4 x iPad 10th Gen (1st Place) & 4 x Mechanical Gaming Keyboards (2nd Place) (2)

This prize will go to the students who best demonstrate Estuary's use case and use creative ways to incorporate our API. The first place prize will be iPads and second place will be keyboards.

More info: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1FKUFqzOlv_34G56V0OCssSqbzs8RGj0aWBeQtW2KhBE/edit?usp=sharing

Best Use of Convex: 5 ft Massive Lego Eiffel Tower + 2m RC Airplane kit E-flite DRACO + Arduino Robot - Lynxmotion SQ3U

Full stack hack and no back-end? With Convex, easy. This prize goes to the team that makes the best use of the Convex platform to create a novel and compelling web or mobile multi-user app. Real-time or reactive elements are a plus. And since Convex developers are naturally among the best builders around, we figure it’s only right to throw a few more challenging and exciting builds at the winning team.

More Info: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1DomH_Pt9GL1PGu53CRX7wKCfD5_w5vBGJCq2Q3l4IaM/edit

Best Natural Language Hack by Mem: 4 x AirPods Max (1st Place) & 4 x JBL Flip 6 (2nd Place) & 4 x Mini Projectors (3rd Place) (3)

The project with the best application of natural language processing.

Best Use of InterSystems IntegratedML: $2000 (1st Place) & $1500 (2nd Place) & $1000 (3rd Place) (4)

InterSystems is issuing a challenge to build the most interesting and innovative application using InterSystems IntegratedML -- in-database automated machine learning, the simplest way to create, deploy and use ML models to power next-generation intelligent applications. To qualify for the prize, your solution needs to use InterSystems IntegratedML. InterSystems will provide free access to cloud-hosted accounts and onsite mentors' support. You will be able to submit your project to one of the main tracks as well.

More info: https://events.intersystems.com/treehacks2023

Best VALUENEX Radar Hack: 4 x $250 Amazon Card & 1 year VALUENEX Radar Membership

Best VALUENEX Radar Hack for the best VALUENEX Radar use case to show the world! Each winning team member will be awarded a $250 Amazon gift card and an annual VALUENEX Radar subscription.

Best Hack to Connect with Others Through Food by Otsuka VALUENEX: 4 x $500 DoorDash Card & $250 Spa Card

Best hack to connect with others through food” for the improvement of the world's wellbeing & happiness with food! The prize will be $500 DoorDash credit (treat yourself with good food) and $250 Spa experience during the busy school year (We'll make sure to look after your wellbeing as you help others!). Also, you will get a chance to further develop the idea with Otsuka & Valuenex through an amazing summer internship.

More info: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1_A3w0ir2jEaGwFoeCzpV073e0gu3KFpGpRlserCsiyc/edit?usp=sharing

Best Web Frontend by Vercel: 4 x Vercel Swag Box

For the team that sweats the details. Every pixel of the UI has been polished and intentionally crafted. This award goes to the team who can merge the design and development worlds.

Best Drone Hack: Skydio 2+

Skydio 2+ does all the shooting so you can concentrate on the adventure at hand. Launch Skydio into the air and after just 27 minutes, you will have over 100,000 breathtaking 4K stills to choose from, export and share. And when you're ready to take your drone photography to the next level, Skydio Panorama Skills gives you live previews of massive horizontal, vertical and spherical images in up to 72 megapixels. This will be given to the best hack related to a drone.

More Info: https://docs.google.com/document/d/13vJcgvRGfriBMGcDsmDKosaTTqb0qxd5B2BIv5X7CKQ/edit

Big Idea - Best Technology-Enabled Patient Safety Solution: $2000

We're in search of bold new thinking. This is an invitation to solve the problem of medical error that harms millions of U.S. patients, kills approximately 250,000 patients, and costs billions of dollars every year. We’re calling on TreeHacks teams to envision the best technology-enabled patient safety solution that has the potential to avert patient harm and save lives and will be awarding $2,000 to the top team. Your hack must align with one of the following five leading patient safety challenges facing health care across the continuum of care: Medication errors, procedural/surgical errors, errors during routine patient care (e.g. pressure ulcers, blood clots, falls), infections and diagnostic safety. We encourage teams to consider autonomous tech-enabled patient safety solutions – those that are able to take action with little or no human supervision – as well. Learn more about the problem and get access to resources to help your hack here.

More Info: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1TjA61YqMkyamBWzoaTkC9bK2WZyZPcfHqDT0BgGO0f0/edit

Best Real-World Crypto Hack by Zetachain: 4 x Ledger Nano x

Build something using technologies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, ZetaChain that provides real utility for real people.

More info: https://zetachain.notion.site/ZetaChain-TreeHacks-Prize-Challenges-758783f095f04a3db568ed6c8ad5ad1b

Best Omnichain Smart Contract Application by Zetachain: $2500

Build a useful application that spans multiple chains using ZetaChain’s smart contract and/or messaging

More info: https://zetachain.notion.site/ZetaChain-TreeHacks-Prize-Challenges-758783f095f04a3db568ed6c8ad5ad1b

Most Cyberpunk Hardware Hack by Arduino: 4 x Arduino Machine Vision Bundle Kits

Our future is most definitely going to be a cyberpunk dystopia. Show us your best hack that interacts with the physical world. This could be a robotic arm controlled by A.I., a custom pentest gadget, taking control of a consumer product, or a matrix of blinking LEDs meant to distract the masses. The best physical hack takes home the prize!

More info: https://docs.google.com/document/d/10ehF0CcdBTF3CoMihJZtQVIMee563-DoiO6WZ55M_ik/edit?usp=sharing

Best Use of Aptos: $1000 (2)

This prize goes to the team that best uses Aptos to create an innovative social or gaming product / service on the blockchain or enables a better developer experience on Aptos!

More info: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Go6VYHtmsneeQUXzDzzDcUZuhlVg6WybdhSJaTE1GO8/edit?usp=sharing

Best Uses of NEAR Social: $1000 (1st & 2nd & 3rd Place) (3)

This goes to the top 3 teams that implement NEAR Social the best. Whether it is indexing data from NEAR Social into your projects or building composable widgets directly on Near Social. Here are a few ideas: https://devgovgigs.near.social/

More Info: https://docs.google.com/document/d/10sGjslCrC28vNCPZ04eToLwqFHGxlGM44k31rn0uKV0/edit

Best Chat App by You.com: $2000 (2)

The most innovative AI chat application

More info: https://youdotcom.notion.site/TreeHacks-Prize-Info-58fd32f81a10439ba3caee3dea60adb9

Best Use of the You.com Open Platform: $2000

Awarded to the team who creates the best You.com Open Platform Search app using the Developer Dashboard. Documentation and examples can be found at https://you.com/developers

More info: https://youdotcom.notion.site/TreeHacks-Prize-Info-58fd32f81a10439ba3caee3dea60adb9

Best Use of Drone Technology by Parrot: Anafi AI Drone

Parrot is the European leader in the drone industry building Nano drones (under 2 pounds). As drones continue to find applications in a wide range of verticals, such as, industrial inspections, defense, first responders and surveillance, there is a need for development of innovative and specific software mission or customize accessories relevant for different use case. we are therefore interested by what can be the drone technology of tomorrow, how such a technology would be operated and in which mission contexts. This includes Sphinx, the Parrot drone simulator to help developers test and evaluate their custom software, without any dependency on drone hardware. Various other tools, including SDKs, are also made available to support in faster development of complex and powerful drone missions. We hope that, through this event, the participants will get an opportunity to familiarize themselves with some of the challenging automation problems in the drone industry, build useful accessories used for drone inspection, explore various tools, and come up with interesting and exciting ideas to address these challenges.

More info: https://docs.google.com/document/d/14siRHu7SBMxM7VVNRHAo4mfE5fm3fUftw401zqlEJHA/edit?usp=sharing

Retool Hack Ninjas (Tentative): 4 x Ducky One 3 SF Pure White 65% Hotswap RGB Mechanical Keyboard

Build your hackathon project faster with the power of Retool, and get your project demo ready in no time. Retool is perfect for beginners or coding veterans alike to build your apps 10x faster than usual. We’re looking for cool apps that utilize Retool in their hack!

More Info: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1JSEsXWjLPwHm96Mgtc2TZnwbiQlGXrxMCuFWRuqoJ_I/edit

Best Payments Hack by Checkbook: $500

This prize will be awarded to the team that has the most interesting payments-based hack.

More info: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1IFt-1z350LUfXVrjQdbKGqS3A8eejIzFfKP-T-SZWOU/edit?usp=sharing

Best Implementation of Checkbook API: 4 x AirPod Pros

This prize will be awarded to the team that has the most interesting use-case of the Checkbook.io platform.

More info: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1IFt-1z350LUfXVrjQdbKGqS3A8eejIzFfKP-T-SZWOU/edit?usp=sharing

Best Startup by YCombinator: Real Interview for Y Combinator (No Expiration) & Dinner on Sunday with YC team (2)

Given to the top performing teams in Y Combinator's challenge. These are the teams that we think are most likely to succeed at a startup.

More info: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1PUrY4SobHyeTbnIToMKm1HouMjINBeSFbDX_YmeoeAQ/edit?usp=sharing

Best Developer Tool by Warp: 4 x Xbox Series S

Best Developer Tool

More info: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1hGqApmoWdEbc6h5ye25rXX2F-mXnZcyMR_Ib34i7brQ/edit?usp=sharing

Most Likely to Become a Business by Neo: Airfare + Accommodations for Summer Retreat with Neo

Airfare + accommodations for your team to visit a summer retreat with Neo scholars, startups, and veteran mentors.

Most Innovative Hack by Meta: 4 x Meta Swag - Backpack & Blankets & Sweatshirts & T-Shirts & Beanies

Most Innovative Hack

Best Use of Data Hack by HRT: 4 x Access to online HRT VIP Swag Store & $150 Amazon Gift Card

Effective use of data is important to the decisions we make at Hudson River Trading, and we’re always looking for innovative new ways to strategize with data. This prize will be awarded to the hack that best integrates the use of data into their project.

Best Hack Using Frontier Tech by Pear: $1000 & upto $100000 uncapped SAFE

For hackers using cutting-edge tech like Zero Knowledge Proofs, Federated Learning, or Quantum Computing, a chance to showcase your skills!

More Info: https://docs.google.com/document/d/16KK68y8Zgc9wsP-LEGlQcNhr6CBWHyaupR3Xza-n2L0/edit

Best Hack for a Real World Use Case by Pear: $1000 & up to $100000 uncapped SAFE

For hackers looking to solve any real world problems with technology. You could be helping college students get food delivery, fighting misinformation online, or increasing opportunities to equal education. There’s no shortage of problems in the world that would benefit from even the simplest technology.

More Info: https://docs.google.com/document/d/16KK68y8Zgc9wsP-LEGlQcNhr6CBWHyaupR3Xza-n2L0/edit

Best Hack using AI/ML by Pear: $1000 & up to $100000 uncapped SAFE

Beyond the buzzwords, we have the chance to change the way we interact with computers. We’re at the cusp of a brand new set of possibilities. For hackers looking to push the envelope here with their technical approach or application domain, this is the prize to win!

More Info: https://docs.google.com/document/d/16KK68y8Zgc9wsP-LEGlQcNhr6CBWHyaupR3Xza-n2L0/edit

Replit's Choice Award: 3000 Replit Cycles + 3 mo of Hacker Subscription (1st Place) & 2000 Replit Cycles + 2 mo of Hacker Subscription (2nd Place) & 1000 Replit Cycles + 1 mo of Hacker Subscription (3rd Place) (3)

This prize goes to the teams that the Replit team thinks made the coolest projects!

Wolfram Award: 1 year of Wolfram|One Personal Edition + 1 year of Wolfram|Alpha Pro per Member (12)

Everyone on the top twelve teams with a max of 60 individuals.

Best Use of Supabase: 4 x Supabase Swag Pack

Award to the project that uses more Supabase features in the most creative way.

Best Use of Dolby.io: $1000 in GiftCards

Add high-quality audio & video experiences to your application using Dolby.io Real-time Communications and Streaming.

Best use of Palantir Foundry: $2000

Winning team will be showcased on Palantir social media accounts.

Palantir Foundry has been used to solve problems from disaster management to vaccine distribution and continuously pushes the boundaries of how data is used to tackle problems we have never encountered before. In this challenge we will be looking for the best use of Foundry to solve a real-world problem with meaningful impact.

More info here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/10t3slDWyLctBDmJVTB-xIVwRP0CY3huR/view?usp=sharing

Best Use of OpenAI Models: $2500 in API Credits

Capitalize on the various OpenAI models trained for implementation in your projects for a chance to win API Credits.

More Info: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Sv0IR-NzkZQJBUisuCG6MSxcIwrOf_RwIAy7EOmnm3A/edit

Highest Frequency Award by Cadence: 5 x True Wireless Earbuds

For the team that makes the best use of RF and microwave design workflows for high-frequency solutions.

More info: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ptkAk6befjigMiZWlDE06C6zjc5ZQIO0xVsZKSj6r4Q/edit?usp=sharing

Cotopaxi's Choice Award: 4 x Cotopaxi Allpa 28L Backpack with Dopp Kit & Cotopaxi Hat & MiiR x Cotopaxi Camping Mug

The Cotopaxi team will choose a team that is working on a project closely tied to Cotopaxi's values of sustainability and extreme poverty alleviation

Most Ethically Engaged Hack by Stanford Center for Ethics & Society: $1000

This prize awards the team that can best articulate the ethical tensions and potential hazards latent in their project and create innovative solutions for addressing them. Judging criteria for the prize can be found here: rb.gy/21wpus. Participants are encouraged to attend the Center for Ethics workshop on Saturday at 12:30pm to learn more. To be considered, participants must also include in their devpost submission a written narrative that explains what ethical considerations were most important when developing the project and how they were incorporated into their final product. You can see a previous winner here: https://devpost.com/software/soteria-58hg6m

More info: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1TNKnwPp-uyeT_LEUe9e9RhvSzJg4McLanh27zy7N3j0/edit?usp=sharing

Peak Modal: $1000/mo For Life in Modal Credits

Best project that’s hosted on Modal, or used Modal somewhere along the line for training or data processing.

More Info: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ixkPtersyj_NnJ3m294fxMU3uPr3PEMKDECEtLN2hmE/edit

Best use of Arduino Cloud/API: 4 x Arduino Make Your UNO Kit

Integrate the Arduino IoT Cloud in any way to qualify for this prize. Most interesting and creative implementation wins.

Checkbook Participation Prize: Google Mini for each member (10)

For all teams that use the Checkbook API each member will receive a Google Mini

More Info:

Best Startup by YC, Runner-Ups (3)

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


TreeHacks Judges

TreeHacks Judges

Judging Criteria

  • Creativity
    We want hackers to create a project that makes you say “wow” and tell all your friends about it. We're looking for projects that think so far outside the box that you begin to wonder why there was a box at all in the first place.
  • Technical Complexity
    In only 36 hours, hackers manage to build projects with remarkably complex infrastructures built on excitingly advanced frameworks. We hope to see projects that are really running some beautiful code or hardware under the hood.
  • Social Impact
    We're looking for hacks that are the blueprints for change that will impact future generations in humanity's most pressing areas of concern in the coming years.

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